Bienal do Livro Rio 2023

Riocentro , Avenida Salvador Allende 6555
Rio de Janeiro (BR)

Bienal do Livro Rio: the trade show

The Book Biennial in Rio de Janeiro is one of the most anticipated events by the readers of Brazil. The event brings together the latest editorial in the literature, publishers, literary agents and authors to professional meetings and the general public. The Book Biennial also has a diversified cultural program: besides the traditional meetings with authors and public roundtables, visitors find many dramatic readings and activities dedicated to children and children's books.

Bienal do Livro Rio editions

Bienal do Livro Rio 2023 From to Riocentro
Bienal do Livro Rio 2021 From to Riocentro
Bienal do Livro Rio 2019 From to Riocentro
Bienal do Livro Rio 2017 From to Riocentro

Bienal do Livro Rio is one not to be missed!

The Rio de Janeiro International Book Fair is one not to be missed! Held every two years, it always counts on nationwide representation and exceeds all expectations in every area, such as in audience, sales and media coverage. Each and every time it opens its doors, it grows 30%, making it more and more a high profile event.

Sao Paulo Bienal Livro Exhibition Hall

Engaging exhibitors with visitors, it is the perfect place to discuss about business and to see the experts in action. It lasts an impressive eleven days, setting aside six for educational purpose and the following five for the general public. For all types of readers, this is a great opportunity to meet favorite writers and newfound artists too. Their comprehensive program brings a real festival of culture, literature and education.

Including various areas to join discussions and chats with cultural celebrities, hands-on activities that encourage you to explore other artists, collect autographs and explore the latest book launches. Gather around with the many other authors, writers, poets and thinkers in the most important publishing event in Brazil. Talk to the publishers, booksellers and magazine publishing houses one to one and expand your business as far as possible.