Bellezza & Salute 2011

Vlorë (AL)

This event has been cancelled and will no longer be held

Bellezza & Salute: the trade show

Bellezza & Salute born, under the auspices of the City and the Chamber of Commerce of the Vlore, as a pilot project of the exhibition aims to present to the industry in reality a very strong social and economic growth in an area so close ties with Italy and yet still not enough known. Valona (Vlore in Albania), and 'the privileged port access to the entire Balkan area and will be much more' in the coming years, when they made port facilities, logistics and accommodation already being planned and financed. Bellezza & Salute is aimed primarily at women, that Albania is in a basin of vital importance to the domestic trade. The average age of the Albanian population and 'just over 32 years and women, more and more' autonomous from the economic point of view, using much of their spending capacity to own this area. But Bellezza & Salute and 'a great opportunity for those companies that believe in investing with the creation of joint ventures or to outsource part of production to local firms. In other words, participate in the first edition of Bellezza & Salute offers great potential for success and development in a market already highly receptive and constantly expanding, with a very low cost investment!

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