Baselworld is a top trade show of the international watch and jewelery industry, organized each spring in Basel, Switzerland. It is the most distinguished show that gathers the very best watchmakers and jewelers. You can see top jewelery, like diamonds, pearls and gem stones. The stands in this event have a classy and polished look.

Dior Baselworld Design

There are 2,100 exhibitors from over 45 countries. This fair collects 1,500 key brands of every sector, it sets new trends and keeps you up to date.

Baselworld Exhibition Stand

This fair is ideal for selling and buying. Having a stand in this fair means that it will be seen by 150,000 visitors. You can explore this fairground surrounded by the world's finest business-makers.

Baselworld Svarovski Stand

If you are exposing, you would be interested in contacting us for the best contractors, builders and designers in Basel. We want the very best for you in this spectacular event. Contact us today!

Omeg Baselworld Booth