Agrokomplex Nitra

Agrokomplex Nitra

Agrokomplex Nitra Výstavná 654/4
Nitra (SK)

The company Agrokomplex – Výstavníctvo was established in 1974 and at present it belongs to the most important exhibition companies in Slovak Republic. The prime mission of organisation is to promote communication of companies and businessman with their existing and prospective customers at the national as well as international level and to support business and international economic co-operation. 2741 exhibitors from 23 countries (680 from abroad) all over the world that exhibited on the total net rented area of 140 500 m2, presented their products and services at 32 fair events in 2006 up to this time. Within the framework of the biggest fair events we have recorded 450.555 visitors (12158 from abroad) from 41 countries. Exhibition statistics are audited by Czech auditing organisation Amasia expo in Prague.

Agrokomplex – Výstavníctvo will also mainly focus on the following aims within the long-term time period in 2007:

· internationalising of events and utilisation of the growing potential of international business

· investments into infrastructure of the area

· increasing the service quality for exhibotors and visitors.

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Agrokomplex Nitra
Výstavná 654/4 Nitra (SK)