Agro.Ge.Pa.Ciok. 2024

Lecce Fiere S.r.l. , Piazza Palio
Lecce (IT)

Agro.Ge.Pa.Ciok.: the trade show

Agro.Ge.Pa.Ciok. national exhibition of ice cream, pastries, chocolate and food craft.

It reveals the appointment of the most exciting areas of southern Italy, confirming its role as an important national showcase in the exhibition arena. In overview, all the news as a commodity and compound ingredients, plant and equipment, furniture and facilities for ice-cream, confectionery, chocolate, bread, pizza, cooking,, beverage, coffee, wine and craft food. Several certificates of enthusiastic endorsement by national and foreign operators, especially the Mediterranean, who have already booked exhibition spaces and commercial events. Each year, the event will, in fact, a park exhibitors particularly enriched by the presence of nationally recognized brands, and the presence of illustrious names in the international arena that will shine to the many moments of workshops and study with one goal: to increase the binomial Training - exposure.

Agro.Ge.Pa.Ciok. editions

Agro.Ge.Pa.Ciok. 2024 From to Lecce Fiere S.r.l.
Agro.Ge.Pa.Ciok. 2023 From to Lecce Fiere S.r.l.
Agro.Ge.Pa.Ciok. 2021 From to Lecce Fiere S.r.l.
Agro.Ge.Pa.Ciok. 2020 From to Lecce Fiere S.r.l.