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Africa Oil Week 2019

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  • Cape Town International Convention Centre 13th Floor Metlife Building 7 Coen Steytler Avenue Cape Town, 8001, Cape Town (South Africa)

Africa Oil Week

Africa Oil Week: the trade show

Global Pacific & Partners with ITE Group will host the 23rd Annual Africa Oil Week/Africa Upstream 2016 Conference over 31st October- 4th November 2016, at the Cape Town International Convention Centre, South Africa, and we invite your support and participation to join us.  

While the African Continent continues to attract a steady stream of oil and gas commitments in its fast-growing oil, gas-LNG and energy industry, our landmark Africa Oil Week 2016 event will again showcase Africa’s Governments, National Oil Companies, Licensing Agencies and corporate players shaping the continent’s future – in exploration and production/development, across new frontiers and established basins; onshore in the Rifts and offshore in the shelf and deep-water, providing one unique continental platform portraying deep insight, rich-content, strategies, acreage opportunity, farm-ins and deal flow, with extensive high-level senior executive networking for securing new venture possibilities and finance/investment opportunities.    

The Conference in 2016 highlights Africa’s upstream world, Independents from around the world engaged in Africa, the expanding Africa-wide gas-LNG and energy game, emerging unconventional ventures in shale and diverse hydrocarbons, the fast-growing class of “Born in Africa” companies, Africa’s state oil firms and foreign national oil companies, leading exploration technologies, geoscience/technical ideas, local content policies and players, plus Young Professionals in Africa, with debate and discourse on Africa’s oil and gas future – these elements together now shaping Africa’s vast hydrocarbon game, and with the service and supply industry deploying state-of-art E&P technologies to build the future for the oil/gas/energy industries from Cape-to-Cairo.  

Since 1994, and for over two decades, our Africa Oil Week has been widely recognised for forging corporate/state relationships in Africa and worldwide, as well as driving direct and foreign investment into and inside Africa’s multiple upstream landscapes.   As numerous top-level executives in the global industry have oft-noted, the Africa Oil Week/Africa Upstream Conference stands apart from all other events as the leading meeting in or on Africa, and sits at the top of the global oil-gas calendar, allowing delegates unrivalled opportunities

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Africa Oil Week 2015

It is our great pleasure to welcome all delegates - from across Africa and around the world - to this Global Pacific & Partners’ 22nd Anniversary Africa Oil Week/Africa Upstream Conference 2015, the longest-running and most prominent event held worldwide in or on the Continent for its fast-growing oil, gas-LNG and energy industry.

Once again, but including this year’s <strong>13th Africa Independents Forum 2015,</strong> our <strong>17th Scramble for Africa: Strategy Briefing</strong>, and our four-day <strong>22nd Africa Upstream 2015 </strong>format,

we welcome our blue-chip suite of world-class sponsors, an unrivaled spectrum of top-line speakers, a globally-diversified mix of senior-level government and corporate delegates, plus a much larger dedicated industry Safari Park Exhibition than ever before, and our Inaugural Africa Oil & Energy Finance Forum, the 72nd PetroAfricanus Dinner in Africa (with Guest Speaker), along with special meetings on Africa Local Content, Africa Exploration Technologies, Young Professionals in Africa, the Global Women Petroleum & Energy Club (with Guest Speaker at Luncheon), marking the 20th Anniversary Celebration of the African Institute of Petroleum, aside our 19th Annual Board Awards and Africa’s Oil Legend Ceremony, launched in tribute to those who have “made” Africa’s oil and gas game. The Continent continues to attract a steady stream of corporate oil and gas commitments – just as has this landmark Conference, one a symbiotic driver of the other, shapes the future in Africa’s oil and gas, one that will only be enhanced with time.

Indeed, inside the world oil-gas game, Africa stands apart: with its 

enormous underdeveloped resource endowment, large conventional oil and gas reserves, oil/gas discovery track record, sizeable untapped unconventional energy endowments, vast offshore littorral, huge Exclusive Economic Zones (barely explored or drilled), substantial array of countries offering numerous exploration blocks and bid rounds, wide variety of onshore/ offshore geo-technical plays, sizeable new venture potential, and quality deal flow for farmins/outs available, with a growing secondary asset market, increased listings on stock exchanges for oil counters, global interest from all other continents in African resource plays and opportunities, a fast-growing oil/gas-energy investment profile, and the rising numbers of companies both in-place and entering into Africa’s oil game.

Our firm has an established and trusted track record for over three 

decades in quality research, advisory practice, strategy briefings, conferences, Government Roadshows, Private Client mandates and Corporate Services enhanced with Africa-wide state relationships, global communications, media products and social connectivity networks. We have built these cross-continental ventures in Africa, Asia, Latin America, Europe, the Middle East and elsewhere, and focus on Africa’s exploration industry overall, while still engaging in new and more extensive ways with the rest-of-world exploration and upstream markets. Our restructured business model now provides innovations via proprietary technologies that have redesigned our diverse communications platforms, Petro-Briefings, global digital networks, worldwide knowledge-bases, Petro21 Daily Oil & Gas Newsletter, and industry-insider enhancements to benefit corporate and investor relations.

Our aims at the 22nd Africa Oil Week 2015 are to provide an event of 

rich-content with highest quality, first-class networking and social interface, and multiple opportunity for all to create and cement relationships that will shape the future for oil and gas in Africa, and the economic future of the Continent.

With our best wishes,
Duncan Clarke, Chairman of the Board Babette van Gessel, Chief Executive

Global Pacific &amp; Partners

Africa Oil Week editions

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Africa Oil Week 2019 From to Cape Town, South Africa Cape Town International Convention Centre
Africa Oil Week 2018 From to Cape Town, South Africa Cape Town International Convention Centre
Africa Oil Week 2017 From to Cape Town, South Africa Cape Town International Convention Centre
Africa Oil Week 2016 From to Cape Town, South Africa Cape Town International Convention Centre
Africa Oil Week 2015 From to Cape Town, South Africa Cape Town International Convention Centre

Africa Oil Week organizer

  • Global Pacific & Partners
  • Johannesburg (South Africa)

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