Salão de Gramado 2024

Serra Park , Rua Henrique Belotto
Gramado (BR)

Salão de Gramado: the trade show

Focused on providing opportunities to close good deals, Salão de Gramado is moving into its seventh edition as the most promising business lounge in Brazil, consistently moving the economy of the furniture, design and high-standard sectors of the south-central sector from the country.

With high approval by the exhibitors and shopkeepers involved, the fair has as a differential - in addition to great spaces and qualified public - the close, agile and assertive attendance of all those involved. The effort to provide adequate support has well-defined reasons and objectives: to create an environment where exhibitors are able to expand the market, shoppers can find high-quality products to increase the mix of their stores, representatives can prospect new customers, and finally, everyone can increase their network of contacts so that the cycle of good business is constant.

The 2019 edition of the Salão de Gramado brought to Serra Park 90 exhibitors and thousands of tenants from all over Brazil focused on strengthening partnerships, understanding trends and closing deals. From June 10 to 13, 2019, we received the best of national furniture, decoration news and trends in design.

The exhibitors recognize the quality of the shopkeepers, the shopkeepers recognize the quality of the products and the Gramado Hall organizes everything so that this meeting is perfect, in order to move the economy through profitable and profitable businesses for all parties.

Salão de Gramado editions

Salão de Gramado 2024 From to Serra Park
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