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5-Continent-Congress (5CC): the trade show

The 5-Continent-Conference (5CC) has established itself as one of the leading educational opportunities in the world to meet the most respected aesthetic physicians, dermatologists and plastic surgeons from around the world. 

Don't miss this chance to discover and share your knowledge, engage in wonderful discussions, and teach new therapies and new techniques in our ever changing aesthetic environment.

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5-Continent-Congress (5CC) 2024 From to Lisbon Congress Centre
5-Continent-Congress (5CC) 2019 From to
5-Continent-Congress (5CC) 2018 From to CCIB
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The 5CC 2019 brings the last trends in cosmetic and aesthetic medicine

From  August 29th to September 1st, 2019, Barcelona will be hosting 5-Continent-Congress (5CC) which is going to be full of trends and innovations in cosmetic and aesthetic medicine. We had the pleasure to interview Dr. Gold who gave us also some tips to attend the congress.

What novelties have you prepared for this 2019 edition? 

The 5CC has evolved into one of the biggest and best meetings in the world and 2019 will be no different.  With a truly outstanding international, world-renowned faculty, we will be bringing the best of the best to Barcelona to teach and educate the participants on all that there is in cosmetic and aesthetic medicine. 

As well, we will have a medical dermatology section for the first time, where we will cover all the important new medicines in dermatology for acne, rosacea, atopic dermatitis, and psoriasis. 

We will also have some new and exciting digital experiences at this year’s meeting, to enhance the learning experience. Another important highlight will be our program on artificial intelligence and deep learning in dermatology, and how it will optimize patient care and diagnostics in the near future.  

The event presents a multifaceted programme with workshops at 5CC, and special events. Which of the activities do you think are a must for the visitor or which of them do you highlight?

I think they all are – for sure, the live treatments with injectables and lasers is always exciting, and the practice management courses being planned are going to be full of new ideas and initiatives to enable clinicians to maximize their offerings to their patients and clients.

What are the advantages of exhibiting at 5CC?

The exhibitors have more than 1500 attendees who actually come to the exhibition hall to learn what is new and different.  They can show their offerings and we know that most everyone that exhibits with us, actually does an amazing business of sales from those that attend the conference because they can form the needed relationships that are needed to make a sale.

Also, we have been working on DistriConnect, a whole new concept for 5CC. This will truly set us apart from other meetings in the aesthetic field and provide an added benefit for our industry partners (free of charge). Our commitment is to not only provide a platform to drive the B2C business, but also to address the industry’s daily challenge to enter new markets and establish and strengthen business partnerships with the right distributors in new target markets- at the same conference. The sponsors’ support of the meeting will grant free participation in one-on-one business meetings and exclusive networking events.

Can you give some tips for those exhibiting for the first time in Barcelona and specifically at 5CC? (venue rules, customs, business etiquette...) 

The rules are real simple – come prepared, come excited, and be a part of the whole meeting and it will work for you.

Can anybody attend 5CC? How to register?

Yes, 5CC is open to anyone interested in everything aesthetic medicine, dermatology, cosmetic surgery, aesthetic gynecology and related fields. We offer discounted registration fees for the next generation of skin experts (students, residents, and fellows) and also for delegates from less economically developed countries (starting at € 150). The easiest and fastest way to register is through our website.

What is the exhibitor profile?

Our industry exhibition is open to all different kinds of exhibitors. From aesthetic and medical dermatology companies to marketing agencies and scientific societies – everyone will find a platform for B2C sales and B2B networking at 5CC.

What is the visitor profile?

We expect over 1500 dermatologists, plastic/cosmetic surgeons, gynecologists, aestheticians, nurses, practice administrators, clinic staff, students and young doctors from 85 countries and all five continents.

Our delegates, the faculty and industry partners really appreciate the family character of the meeting. In an effort to offer an unparalleled platform for further education, learning and exchange between KOLs and doctors from all around the globe in a rather intimate setting, the total number of conference passes sold for 5CC is limited to 2.000.

Which are the 5 more relevant tradeshows in the sector?

There are many – in Europe you have the IMCAS meeting and the AMWC.  In the US, you have the AAD, ASAPS, and the ASDS.

Can you give us some participation results from the last edition? How many visitors attend? 

In total from the exhibitors, from how many different nationalities they are?  In 2018, we welcomed over 1000 delegates and 185 expert speakers from all over the globe- and to be more specific 85 countries. The most represented countries were Spain, Germany and the US.

Lastly, regarding the exhibitor, how many stand exhibitors participate in the last edition?  from how many different nationalities they are?

Last year at 5CC, 80 exhibitors showcased their innovations in the sold-out industry exhibition and brought 300 of their best representatives (C-suite executives, director and management level), as well as 100+ distributors. They also joined us from all over the world.

5CC bring us the latest trends in aesthetic medicine

It's finally here the main congress of aesthetic medicine 5 Continent Congress. We have the pleasure to bring you an interview with Mr. Michael Gold, the congress president  of 5CC Congress He is going to tell us all we need to Know about the event and more. 5CC will be held  in Barcelona, between August 30 to September 2.

The fair presents a BtoB Networking Platform. Could you explain about it?

During the Congress, the participants, faculty, and industry representatives will have numerous opportunities to interact together, which is an important facet of the 5CC meeting. Learning from aesthetic experts the participants will learn the latest in the field of aesthetic medicine. From the industry experts they will learn about the latest lasers, energy based devices, injectable fillers, and neurotoxins, skin care, and marketing trends. This Congress will be the best of the best for all attending.

What are the latest trends in the aesthetic medicine?

There are many new trends in aesthetic medicine and the Congress will cover all of them.  From the injectable world we have new dermal fillers and new neurotoxins, which are coming to the market. They each have potential advantages over what already exists in the market place, these will be reviewed and discussed.  From the laser and energy based world, we have new devices which have made meaningful impacts for our patients – to improve skin tone and texture, to make scars better, to treat lax skin, and to remove vascular and pigmentary lesions, including tattoos. All will be discussed.  In addition, we will discuss new ways to tighten the skin with absorbable sutures, how to treat skin cancers and keloids with superficial radiation, and delve into what we call the feminine rejuvenation market, which not only is useful for improving appearance but also improves symptoms associated with feminine aging.  It is a Congress full of new and exciting technologies, and taught by the world’s leading experts.

What news have you prepared for the 2018 edition? What are the highlights?

As stated above, there are lots of new and exciting highlights to come from the 5CC meeting. They will be new toxins which may last longer, new fillers which volumize the skin better than ever before, new devices to improve and tighten the skin – all will be discussed during the meeting.

What are the advantages of exhibiting at 5CC 2018?

With upwards of 1200 attendees expected, companies that exhibit at the 5CC will have the opportunity to showcase their products to not only some of the most influential clinicians in the aesthetic space, but to the attendees eager to learn and to be part of the aesthetic growth that we are seeing around the world. The exhibitors will have access to the faculty and attendees in ways that allow them to have candid discussions and demonstrations – all conducive to making an outstanding Congress for our industry partners.

Can you give us some tips to take the best out of visiting this event?

I always tell people to arrive early, visit all the exhibitors and learn what they have to offer.  Be part of the scientific sessions where you can learn from the best of the best.  It is a great Congress.

Why the 5-Continent-Congress has become the most important congresses in the field of aesthetic medicine?

The 5CC is one of the most important meetings in all of aesthetic medicine. We insist that we have the best faculty that one can assemble and that they be available to our attendees and to industry to help mentor and teach – this is what makes us special.

Lastly, can you give us some participation results from the last edition?

The 2017 edition of the 5CC Congress had over 1200 participants from over 70 countries – more are expected in 2018.