EuroPCR is an annual international meeting of the interventional community in Paris to work towards improved personal patient care. Not only is EuroPCR a chance to explore your future with the worldwide community, but it also offers the opportunity to learn, share, and network with other professionals. 12,257 participants from 116 countries view 675 presenters from 69 countries and 2,097 submissions from 60 countries.

Pcr Euro Exhibition

The event is clearly international in scale, allowing for the top professionals in the field to answer each year´s ¨burning questions”. In the 2015 edition, these questions included coronary interventions, interventions for structural heart disease, interventions for hypertension and heart failure, nurses and technicians, and peripheral interventions.

Euro Pcr

Experience networking, industry, and education like never before. In terms of networking, the conference allows physicians to take a break from their daily routine to meet and connect with other similar professionals. Education involves taking the new scientific breakthroughs from throughout the world and working with these other professionals to figure out how they can have real life effects on patients. Finally, this conference represents over 120 industry companies, making it the place to be for all those involved in the medical interventions industry.

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