London Wine Fair is the best place to put your company's products in front of the biggest group of wine trade professionals and end retailers in UK. Having such a long and diverse wine trade history, the United Kingdom has played a top role in the development of the global market. Being a creative and pioneering spirit that it is, it really is a great annual event for business, innovation and experience.

London Wine And Spirits Fair Booth Design

Walking through the hallways, it welcomes over 11,000 wine trade professionals every year. And each visitor is drawn from the restaurant and bar trade, drawn from, independent retail and regional wholesale, and from the convenience and multiple retailers. Being recognized as they bring trade professionals from all around the world, they give out the best service to the wine trade possible.

Becoming a great place to meet and discover, to learn and to celebrate all things related to wine, it really has made a big effort to bring everything that is related to wine in three days of business. More than 80 countries unite to takes over 10,000 wines from every corner of the planet.