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Creole Jazz Band was founded in September 1957, from January 1984 to October 2005 played a show every Friday at 23 hs  at  Café Tortoni, in Buenos Aires.

Nowadays they go on playing at Café Tortoni only twice a month.

Creole in numbers * 50th aniversary.- Septiembre/1957.- * 22 years keeping the same instrumental structure

* 25 years in Café Tortoni.-

* 21 years in `Jazzología`.- Once a year in Septiember * 2 honor distinctions: `Orden del Pocillo`Café Tortoni y son `Huéspedes de Honor` in Posadas,Misiones.- * 6 recorded discs .- Now on the 7th in Radio Nacional, with César Parisi.- * 4 discs with other artists- `Fast`: Fernandez y Mono Villegas - Lito Vitale - Bersuit Vergarabat. - CD edited in Brazil, con la Creole Jazz Band y other artists, (Bob Wilber y su sexteto, entre otros), for the Festival de Jazz de Minas Gerais 9/05. * 5  Institucionales sponsorships for their  Conciertos Didácticos and Café Tortoni.'s show- Presidenc. de la Nación, Municip. BsAs, Gob. BsAs, UNESCO, Minist. Educac. de la Nación.- * Events: weddings, corporative, birthdays,  receptions, fashion shows (Roberto Giordano in Punta del Este) concerts in Posadas, en Santa Rosa, Villa Gessell, Pinamar, Santa Teresita, Mendoza,Concep. del Uruguay... 8 jazz songs by César Borsano, all of them recorded byCreole Jazz Band.- 1 album edited by Warner Chappell, including them

1 DVD: `20 años no es nada`, Imáges y sounds de la Creole Jazz Band en el Café Tortoni.

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