Chillventa Rossija 2018

Crocus Expo, Mezhdunarodnaya 1
Nuremberg (DE)

Chillventa Rossija: the trade show

Welcome to Chillventa Rossija - the Russian member of NürnbergMesse’s global network of trade shows for Refrigeration, Air Conditioning & Heat Pumps in Commercial and Industrial Applications.After a seven-year commitment to the Russian industry NürnbergMesse decided to give Chillventa Rossija a break in 2015.Reasons for that are the need of a conceptual redesigning of the show on the one hand, and the currently strained trade-situation between Europe and Russia on the other hand. Nevertheless NürnbergMesse continues to focus on the Russian market and will start to organize a new shaped Chillventa Rossija after the political and economic parameters returned to normal.

Chillventa Rossija editions

Chillventa Rossija 2018 From to Crocus Expo
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